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  Name Qualification E-mail Telephone  
Research fellow Federico Adrodegari Federico Adrodegari Research fellow federico.adrodegari@unibs.it +39 (030) 6595.126
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Research fellow Marco Ardolino Marco Ardolino Research fellow m.ardolino@unibs.it +39 (030) 3715.760
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Researcher Andrea Bacchetti Andrea Bacchetti Researcher andrea.bacchetti@unibs.it +39 (030) 6595.122
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RISE collaborator Ahlam Bendar Ahlam Bendar RISE collaborator ahlam.bendar@rise.it +39 (348) 5136684
PhD Student Daniela Bonetti Daniela Bonetti PhD Student daniela.bonetti@rise.it +39 (030) 371.5647
PhD Student Gianmarco Bressanelli Gianmarco Bressanelli PhD Student g.bressanelli002@unibs.it +39 (030) 3715.760
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PhD Student Theoni Paschou Theoni Paschou PhD Student t.paschou@unibs.it +39 (030) 3715.760
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Full professor Marco Perona Marco Perona Full professor marco.perona@unibs.it +39 (030) 3715.556
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Associate professor Nicola Saccani Nicola Saccani Associate professor nicola.saccani@unibs.it +39 (030) 3715.723
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PhD Student Ting Zheng Ting Zheng PhD Student t.zheng@unibs.it +39 (030) 3715.760
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