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The RISE Laboratory of the University of Brescia strongly believes that the Supply Chain of the future will be Circular, as well as digital and servitized. The companies that will move towards these goals first will gain huge competitive advantages, and they will guarantee a long-term sustainability.
For this reason, the RISE Laboratory developed a number of services aimed at companies linked to the issue of Circular Economy.


The offer, which is fully modular and gradually implementable, includes training services and services for the creation of corporate awareness, for the generation of circular ideas and solutions, for checkup and for implementation support.



CIRC1.jpg Create and strengthen the company awareness
1. Readiness Assessment - Activity to assess the awareness and the level of circularity of the company, in order to identify the areas with the greatest potential
2. Information Seminar - Introduction of the topics related to Circular Economy through information seminars, that can be adjusted according to the client company's needs in terms of duration, slant and elements to analyse
3. Digital School Pills - Introduction to Circular Economy through ready-made video pills
CIRC2.jpg Generate, assess and quantify the potential of Circular ideas and solutions
4. Circular Economy Innovation LAB - Interactive workshop directly representing the reality of the client company to foster the generation of Circular Economy ideas and solutions, by designing its business model and encouraging the systemic view and the role of Supply Chain.
5. Checkup - Project aimed at identifying gaps, areas of action and priorities for the development of Circular initiatives, with possibility of an ex-ante qualitative-quantitative assessment of the economic, environmental and social impacts based on simulation models
CIRC3.jpg Support the implementation of Circular initiatives

6. Implementation - Direct support to the implementation of Circular Economy projects in the areas within our competence
7. Ecosystem Scouting and Project Management - Scouting and Open Innovation activities for the identification of partners of the Ecosystem with possibility of temporary Project Management for the implementation of Circular initiatives 



From the production of sound scientific basis  
To the dissemination of innovative contents
To generate an impact   


Thanks to the continuous research activities carried out, the RISE Laboratory can boast a complete and deep knowledge of the Circuar paradigm. RISE developed a Reference systemic Framework to approach the Circular transformation of manufacturing (or not) companies, translating into actions aimed at Redesigning products, Converting Production Processes, Rethinking Business Models, Reconfiguring the Supply Chain and Leveraging Enabling Factors.



If you want to learn more about how the RISE Laboratory can help your company or your value chain embrace the Circular Economy paradigm, or if you want to ask for clarification about the above-mentioned services, please contact us:
- Gianmarco Bressanelli: gianmarco.bressanelli@unibs.it

Circular Economy in on the RISE.jpg
"The only Resource we can make unlimited use is knowledge"