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The RISE Laboratory of the University of Brescia has been developing research activities related to the phenomenon of the digital transformation of manufacturing for about thirty years, by collecting empirical data, carrying out analyses, building connections with companies.

I4.0 services offered by RISE

Thanks to the continuous research activity carried out, the RISE Laboratory can boast a complete and deep knowledge of the 4.0 phenomenon. RISE developed a proprietary holistic approach to the digital transformation of manufacturing (or not) companies, translating into a dedicated range of services for businesses that want to embrace the ongoing digital transformation.

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Self-assessment I4.0

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3D Printing Checkup

IQ Consulting, spin-off of the RISE Laboratory of University of Brescia, presents its online tool, designed for those companies looking for concrete indications about the applicability of additive technologies for their componenets and products.

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By visiting the website www.checkupstampa3d.it and by entering little quali-quantitative information about 3 key elements (production volumes, complexity and level of customization), it will be possible to receive a report showing the level of applicability of 3D printing technologies, for each component / product entered.


TOOL: https://www.checkupstampa3d.it/


ARTICLE: https://goo.gl/B7oebL


Roadmap I4.0

The 4.0 checkup is a design process aimed at supporting companies in the definition of an optimal roadmap to approach the 4.0 paradigm, by identifying in an objective, quantitative and impartial way what the technologies to invest in might be, what processes can benefit from them and with what improvement targets in relation to the current scenario.

Starting from the definition of the current level of digital maturity of the company, it will be possible to design a customized roadmap towards the 4.0 configuration.


Support tax breaks I4.0

IQ Consulting supports companies also in the identification of goods that are subject to tax breaks nella fase di identificazione dei beni assoggettabili alle agevolazioni fiscali (hyper- and super-depreciation, tax credit, etc.) provided for by Budget Law 232/16.

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Training 4.0

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Learn more:

If you want to learn more about how the RISE Laboratory can help your company embrace the Industry 4.0 paradigm, or if you want to ask for clarification about the above-mentioned services, please contact us:

- Andrea Bacchetti: andrea.bacchetti@unibs.it